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Morocco Sites

With its warm climate, affordable accommodation and accessible sites Morocco is a fantastic winter flying destination. In this post I will detail the 4 sites I visited. The first two are on the edge of the Atlas mountains and an hour or so from Marrakesh, the second is in the Atlas mountains and the last is a beautiful coastal site.


Height – 1309m

Wind Direction - N

Location - Click here

How to get there – Coming from Marrakech or Aguergour you drive through Majjat. After about 9km you reach M’Zouda, just before the petrol station is a small turn on the left, follow this road, go through the little village and head up towards the take off.

Notes –The take off is quite small, there is space for 2 gliders to launch. The landing is nice and big, children will try to help pack your wing. I am not sure if they know what they are doing. I opted to ‘teach’ them my packing method and paid the two children 10 dirhams each. Enroute to take off were flagged down by a man trying to get us to pay to go up the road. You should not need to pay to use this take off.

Mzouda Take off


Height – 1350m

Wind Direction – SSW to NNE

Location - Click here

How to get there – From Chez Ahmed just follow the road up the mountain. You will go through two small villages; Tamazirt and Aguergour. As the road straightens and flattens out there is a sharp left turn. Drive on the gravel road for 60m or so, there is a small area to park (you may need to pay a lady) then make your way to the top of the hill, possibly a 10 or 15 minute walk. You will know when you have arrived because there is a building, wind sock etc.

Notes –The take off is huge, there is a café and toilet at the top and plenty of pilots to ask for advice. If it is too windy here it is possible to take off lower, just below take off and slightly to the right. Or you can go back to where the cars park and take off on the path up.

Aguergour Take off

Tizi n'Test

Height – 2020m

Wind Direction – SE

Location - Click here

How to get there – Drive towards La Belle Vue restaurant. Once here you can park along the road and scramble down to the ruins that are just behind the take off. When we were there there was a small caravan that had been turned into a little shop, there is a path to the take off just behind it.

Notes – This is absolutely stunning, however the take off is relatively steep and I found that there weren’t many obvious landing options other than the road.. There also seems to be little information about this site. Be cautious if the wind is more Easterly.

Nid D’aigle

Height – 250m

Wind Direction – SW, W, NW

Location - Click here

How to get there – Drive through Tiznit and exit on the RR104. Once out of the city, take the first main tarmacked road on the right (just after a sharp S turn in the road). Stay on this road until there is similar sized road on the right. Follow this all the way to the hotel/take off.

Notes – A beautiful coastal site that provides wonderful lift throughout the day. A nice paved take off with plenty of onlookers.. A large top landing area is behind the take off, just watch out for cacti! An alternative and slightly bigger take off is just over the road at Nigel's Nest, if you are not staying at either of the hotels you have to pay to pay a few euros to use them.

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