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Lanzarote Sites

Warm weather, beautiful landscapes and amazing sites make Lanzarote a great winter flying destination. This blog post will detail the 4 sites I flew as well as the infamous Mirador site which I plan to fly next time. I advise doing additional research, everything in this post is my own interpretation :)



Height - 22m to 51m

Wind Direction - N, NW

Location - Click here

How to get there - Drive to the little town of Tenesar, there are some big bins you can park by. There is a little path that goes up to the top of the cliff, the take offs are along this path.

Notes - This coastal site has 3 areas to take off from, they are all found as you walk up and along the cliff. The first is nice but if it is light it can be hard to get around to the part of the cliff that works best (where the sea meets the cliff). The second is small and the third is slightly larger. You can top land or land at the bottom.

Tenesar, photo by Tom Maddox

El Cuchillo

Height - 120m

Wind Direction - N, NW

How to get there - N take off. Drive to the village of El Cuchillo and exit to the NE. Take a small road on the right (after Calle El Jable), drive past the farm on your right and you'll see a small area to park on the left. Walk north for a hundred meters or so and you'll be on the take off.

NW take off. Drive to the village of El Cuchillo and exit to the NE. Follow the road for a few hundred meters and park up. Note, if you go past the small white square building on the left you have gone too far. The take off is big and on the right, you'll see some wind streamers.

Notes - There are two places to take off. Looking from above, one take off is on the left side of the bowl, it is lower and takes wind with a W component. The other is more in the middle of the bowl. It takes a N wind. Be careful - it is a narrow strip and has a sheer wind gradient. When I first flew there it took me 3 attempts to take off as my wind shot up so fast. Rota can also be bad here. It is a really nice bowl and when it works is super! Also a nice easy landing option at the bottom. If top landing the NW take off is much easier and only a short walk up over to the N take off to relaunch.

El Cuchillo Take off, photo by Alice Horwood

Teguise (Lower Famara)

Height - 260m

Wind Direction - W, NW, N

Location - Click here

How to get there - From the town of Teguise you need to get to the Cespa petrol station. From here you take a right and follow the road until you reach a T junction. Take a left and follow the road. It turns into a dirt track. There is a field with a wall around it. The road splits and you have the option to either take a left (going around the field) or going straight, take the left around the field, park up and on the right is the take off.

Notes - This is a very nice big take off with a bottom landing on the side closest to the ridge of the road. If it is too strong on Famara this is a nice site to use.


Height - 420m

Wind Direction - W, NW, N

Location - Click here

How to get there - From Teguise get on to Calle Dolchinea, then follow the road NW all the way to the take off.

Notes - This is also a really nice take off, if it's flyable there will be other people here. Its huge, its easy to top land and is possible to fly east all the way along the ridge. It has a bottom landing and you can also land at the beach if you head East along the ridge and have enough height to push out.

Famara Take off, photo by Alice Horwood


Height - 429m

Wind Direction - NW, N, NE

Location - Click here

I sadly never made it here so can't give any advice! Please share with me what you find out if you manage to fly there :)

Each day I would check the weather using Windy and XCskies.

I hope this post has been useful and if you have any other questions or suggests please feel free to contact me :)

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