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Update: Move to Russia


Wow, where has the time gone? It has been a few months since I wrote here and a lot has changed!

As many of you know I took a year out of work to focus on paragliding, it was an amazing year spent in Andalusia, the Pyrenees and France. When it was time to go back to work I knew I wanted a Governess/Nanny job and really didn’t mind where it was based! After a conversation with an agency I landed a Governess job in Moscow, teaching two children English. I should point out that I had never been to Moscow, and knew very little about Russia let alone the language!

I made the big move in November, the first two weeks of my new job were in Dubai. This was a fantastic way to ease in to the role.

Dubai: A Working Holiday

After the working holiday was up we flew (private jet!) to Moscow, I was so scared. I knew no one, didn’t have many warm clothes and couldn’t read or speak the language.

When I wasn’t working I made it my mission to make some friends and explore! I posted in the Moscow Expat Facebook group. On one of my first days off I met up with a fellow expat for a walk in my neighbourhood, followed by a coffee. I also had been messaging another governess who I met up with on another day off.

Woodland Walk

I was (and still am) determined to make the most of my days off. In the first couple of weeks I found my local supermarket, woodland and riverside walks, shopping malls and even squeezed in a walking tour of Moscow. Uber was my life saver during this time and after 2 weeks I felt so much more confident getting around, had braved the metro and felt so much more comfortable in this new city.

However I wanted to meet more people who were living in my area, so my new Governess friend and I created a Facebook page for Nannies and Governesses living in Moscow. It was amazing, suddenly lots of people were joining and we arranged a cocktail evening to meet all our new friends. Now in Moscow on my days off I always have people to hangout and explore Moscow with.

That was 2017; setting my self up for Moscow life.

After spending Christmas and New year in the UK it was time to go back to work, 2018 started amazingly. The first few weeks were spent working in the Maldives, which was just paradise. The most beautiful location to be teaching English!

Now back in Moscow, I have finally bought myself a new warm coat, am planning my social activities, have booked language lessons and climbing sessions (I need to do something active!) and am set for the cold winter that is rolling in. Bring it on!

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