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Annecy Sites

Annecy is a paragliding, adventure sporting hotspot. It’s stunning lake, easily accessible launches and big landings attract thousands of pilots each year. I was always a little apprehensive to go abroad with no school or guide, but it turns out it is pretty simple and Annecy is a great place to fly abroad for the first time. This blog post will go over the accommodation options, the launches and the weather. I strongly advise doing additional research, everything in this post is my own interpretation :)

Lake Annecy



The main hostel in Annecy is Annecy Hostel. Not the best location for Paragliding, but a cheaper alternative if camping is not an option.


There are loads of campsites around Lake Annecy. I particularly like Le Lac Bleu; it is close to the Doussard Landing field, is on the lake and has a boat hire place 2 minutes away.

Wild Camping

Around the lake there are plenty of camping spots for vans. There is an Aire opposite the Doussard landing field, here there is a small grassy area with picnic tables. Often tents are pitched here and campervans/ motor homes are parked in the Aire. It is a really social area and during the summer can get quite busy. A small stream flows along the back on the grassy area and the lake is a short walk away, both good for washing. Alternatively there are campsites near by which have showers…


The two main launches are Planfait and Col de la Forclaz. There are also two easterly launches, Entrevernes and Sambuy.


Height - 960m

Wind DIrection - SW W NW

Location - Click here

How to get there - During the summer months there is a FREE shuttle service. It runs twice a day. Once around noon and again around 5ish. Ask in the PG shop on the landing for the timetable. Alternatively hithing a ride is very easy, on the corner of the main road and the turn off for the landing is the best spot to hitch.

Notes - The landing field is just below the take off, there are white markings on the take off, it is worth asking a local about the landing approach when you are there.

Planfait Landing, Annecy

Col de la Forclaz

Height - 1172m

Wind Direction - SW W NW

Location - Click here

How to get there - There is a shuttle service that runs from the Doussard landing field. It costs 6EUR and drops you a 3 minute walk from the take off.

Notes - Loads of tandem pilots fly from here. It’s a huge operation. There is a marshal on the take off who can be a little bit intimidating, but does make sure people get in the air. If you are not ready to take off don’t take up space on the take off because you will upset the tandem pilots.

Col de la Forclaz Take off, Annecy


Height - 824m

Wind Direction - E SE

Location - Click here

How to get there - Hike up to the take off from Doussard landing. Or drive around the ridge, park up and hike to the take off. There is no way of avoiding a hike.

Notes - One of the few Easterly take offs. It can be a great morning option.


Height - 1820m

Wind DIrection - N NE E

Location - Click here

How to get there - A 20 minute drive from Annecy, this is a great site. Access via cable car, 6EUR.

Notes - The N take off is on the right upon leaving the cable car. NE and E take off is a hike up the mountain. It is possible to take off from the N and wrap around to the E ridge. This site is higher than the Col de La Forclaz take off, far less crowded and well worth it for a morning flight. Super XC potential. Nice landing field just below the E ridge.

Sambuy Landing


The area is protected from the north wind that tends to develop in the Rhone Valley. Even if it does spill over into Annecy the Planfait take off is often still flyable. The valley wind system, it is quite predictable and when I was there kicked in most days at around 5pm. It is worth checking with the locals depending on the time of year you are in Annecy as I am sure this changes throughout the year.

Each day I would check the weather using Windyty and XCskies.

I hope this post has been useful and if you have any other questions or suggests please feel free to contact me :)

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